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Conceptually, my work varies from each piece that I paint.  It depends of if it is for a themed exhibition, an illustration, a commission, a study, or expression. 

Most of my artwork is small, and seems to be getting smaller!  There are a few reasons why I like to work small.  First, I like to tell stories and I can tell more stories and express more ideas with smaller pieces.  Also, I like the intimate scale, detail, and working with smaller brushes.

Composition, proportion, value, and color are all very important to me in my artwork.  However, I try not to over think these too much, but instead, keep it more instinctual.  I want to keep my painting simple and enjoyable! 

Many different color pigments (earth, mineral, synthetic) with egg yolk.

                                                                                     Photo by Casey.


Master of Fine Arts,  New York Academy of Art; New York, NY                                  2010

Bachelor of Fine Arts,  East Carolina University; Greenville, NC                                2005

Egg Tempera Workshop, Workshops by Koo Schadler;  Alstead, NH                        2014

Fresco Workshop, The Fresco School;  Los Angeles, CA                                          2010

Study in Italy,  March – May                                                                                        2006



Solo Exhibitions

2016                    “The Unfortunate Series”, LIC Arts Open, Former Dean Project, LIC, NY.       


2019                    “Red Envelope Show”, grumpybert, Flushing Town Hall, Flushing, NY.

2018                    “Off the Wall”, Curated, LIC-A, Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY.

                            “When Darkness Falls”, Curated, Front Street Gallery, Patterson, NY.

                            “Fine Art Fair XI”, Sunnyside Artists, Queen of Angels Church, Sunnyside, NY.

                            “Out of Square”, LIC Arts OPEN, LICAO Gallery at The Factory, LIC, NY.

                            “LIC-A’s Spring Member Showcase”, Curated, Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY.

                            “Queen of Angel’s Art Fair XI”, Sunnyside Artists, Parish Hall, Sunnyside, NY.

2017                    “Fall Salon Show,” Curated,  Plaxall Gallery, LIC Arts OPEN, LIC, NFine Art FairY.

                            “Live - Work - Play NYC,” Juried, LIC Arts OPEN Gallery @ The Factory, LIC, NY.

                            “Single Fare 4”, Highline Stages Pop-up Gallery, New York, NY.

                            “Beach Elements IV”, Juried, Plaxall Gallery, Long Island City, NY.

                            “Glimmer of Hope”, Juried, Claret Wine Bar, SunnysideArtists, Sunnyside, NY.

                            “Fine Art Fair X”, Queen of Angels Church, SunnysideArtists, Sunnyside, NY.

                            “Art to Come”, 44-16 23rd St., LIC Arts OPEN, Long Island City, NY.

                            “Argentum: Contemporary Silverpoint”, Curated, Marbury NYC, New York, NY.

                            “8 Loves”, Juried, Plaxall Building Gallery, LIC-A, Long Island City, NY.

                            “Art from Our City”, Plaxall Building Gallery, LIC-A, Long Island City, NY.

2016                    “The Path”, Juried, Front Street Gallery, Patterson, NY.

                            “The Queens CorrespondAnce School (did not die)”, academic, LIC, NY.

                            “Queens Book Festival”, Kaufman Astoria Studios, Astoria, NY.

                            “Connection - Artists Selecting Artists”, Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY.

                            “New Developments”, LIC Arts Open, Former Wills Building, LIC, NY.

                            “Community Showcases:  LIC-A”, Citigroup Building, Long Island City, NY.

                            “Shadow”, Juried, Front Street Gallery, Patterson, NY.

2015                    “Yourself”, Juried, Local Project Gallery, Long Island City, NY.

                            “Deck the Walls”, Wilkenson Gallery NYAA, New York, NY.

                            “LIC-A Fall Salon Exhibition”, Falchi, Long Island City, NY.

                            “Alumni Exhibition”, Greenville Museum of Art, ECU, Greenville, NC.

                            “When We’re Not Making Frames”, LIC Arts Open, Falchi, LIC, NY.

                            “LIC-A Exhibition”, News Room Gallery, The Paper Factory, LIC, NY.

                            “10 Squared”, LIC Arts Open, Court Square Studios, LIC, NY.

                            “AANYAA Exhibition”, Juried, Studio 7 Gallery, Bernardsville, NJ.

2014                    “10th Small Works Show”. Juried by Bill Carroll, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

                            “Made in Queens”, Juried, LICA, Front Street Gallery, Patterson, NY.

                            “Deck the Walls”, Wilkenson Gallery NYAA, New York, NY.

                            “My Father”, Juried, Sunnyside Artists, Copper Kettle, Sunnyside, NY.

                            “Tribeca Ball Alumni Pop-Up”, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY.

2013                    “Invincible Summer”, Juried, Sunnyside Artists, Claret, Sunnyside, NY.

                            “AANYAA Exhibition”, Juried, Studio 7 Gallery, Bernardsville, NJ.

                            “10 x 10”, Reis Studios, Long Island City, NY.

                            “Tribeca Ball Alumni Pop-Up”, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY.

                            “Single Fare 3”, RH Gallery, New York, NY.

2012                    “6th Annual Summer Exhibition NYAA”, Flowers Gallery, New York, NY.

                            “Art Fair V”, Juried, Queen of Angels Parish Hall, Sunnyside, NY.

                            “Feast”, Juried, Salt & Fat Restaurant, Sunnyside, NY.

                            “LIC Arts OPEN”, Juried, Jackson 1 Gallery, Long Island City, NY.

                            “10 x 10”, Reis Studios, Long Island City, NY.

                            “AANYAA” Exhibition”, Coffee & Tea Festival, New York, NY.

2011                    “Alumni Exhibition”, Gray Gallery, ECU, Greenville, NC.

                            “Art Democracy:  Graceful”, Juried, Petunia, Queens, NY.

                            “FI & FE”, Group Invitational, Medialia Gallery, New York, NY.


Curated Exhibitions

2016                    “New Developments”, LIC Arts Open, Former Wills Building, LIC, NY.

2015                    “When We’re Not Making Frames”, LIC Arts Open, Falchi Building, LIC, NY.


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                            Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition, New York Academy of Art, 2010.

Community Involvement

Long Island City Artists (LIC-A),  member,  Queens, NY.                               2014 - present

Sunnyside Artists,  member, Queens, NY.                                                      2011 - present

I like to work in the medium of egg tempera paint.

Its purity of color, thin application, viscosity, craftsmanship, history, simplicity, and luminosity make it hard to shake.  I sometimes will work in other mediums, but egg tempera always calls me back.

Egg tempera paint is basically pure pigment mixed with egg yolk to make paint.

The egg yolk acts as a binder that sticks the pigment (color) to the ground.  Water is used as the solvent to thin the paint.

Where oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, and gouache all come in a tube premixed with their binder, egg tempera must be mixed each time you paint.  I assume egg tempera cannot come premixed in a tube because it would rot and smell horrible!

“Flatiron Building inside a MetroCard”   by Casey.

My main inspiration is Late Medieval into Early Renaissance Painting (13th - 15th century).  The craftsmanship, creativity, narration, design, and simplistic painting styles are fascinating to me.

Living and working in New York City is also very inspiring. 

“The Journey of the Magi”  by Sassetta (Italian) (1433-35) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Gilding also will show up in my work on occasion.  The pure color of egg tempera seems to look very good next to gold or silver leaf. 

I try to use gilding in a subtle, but meaningful way.  I have read that gilding was used for three reasons back in the Medieval days.  One was for decoration and stature, another was for the use as a yellow (since there weren’t a lot of vibrant yellow pigments available), and the third was that gold symbolized a celestial space (that’s why you see it in halos).

A picture showing some gilding tools:  a 23 karat gold leaf, an agate burnisher, a gilder’s pad, a gilder’s tip, and a container of red bole.  Traditionally there are two types of gilding:  oil gilding & water gilding.

                                                                                photo by Casey.

Because egg tempera can be a fragile* medium (until it completely cures) I like to make my own frames for protection.  Some are very simple, and some I take more time on depending on what the artwork calls for and how much time I have.

Since I have worked in the framing industry, I like to make frames from raw wood.  Joining them to size, sanding them, and finishing them with paint, stain, casein, wax, etc.

*Egg Tempera dries instantly, but can be easily scratched until it completely cures and hardens (around a year after completion).

However, egg tempera is known as one of the most durable mediums in the long run and it never yellows in color.

Here is a frame that was joined, sanded, stained, and gilded with

silver leaf and burnished in it’s channel.  It was finished to look “aged.”

                                                                                photo by Casey.

My egg tempera technique and process is loosely based on the writings of Cennino Cennini in his book written in the early 1400’s;  “Il’ Libro dell’ Arte” or “The Book of Art.”  First published in Italian by Signor Tambroni in 1821, and translated to English by Mary Merrifield in 1844.  This book documents the egg tempera techniques (including fresco, gilding, drawing, etc.) used by Proto-Renaissance Artist, Giotto (1267-1337) and his workshop.  These “new” techniques were passed on from Artist to Artist throughout the Renaissance, and were most likely a foundation for High Renaissance Artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Raphael.

Even though I stray from this approach and use more contemporary techniques in tempera, I like to always have a strong foundation to fall back on.

This is a painting showing the standard process of a panel painting during the Early Renaissance loosely based on the writings of Cennino Cennini.  (painting by Casey)

from left to right: 

  1. 1. Wood Panel

  2. 2. Linen (intelaggio)

  3. 3. Traditional Gesso with Incised Halos

  4. 4. India Ink Cartoon with Red Bole

  5. 5. Oil Gilding and Glazes of Terre-Verte

  6. 6. Values with Verdaccio

  7. 7. Glazes of Flesh Tones and Local Color

  8. 8. Finishing the Painting with Local Color Values and Glazing.

  9. 9. Burnished Water Gilding (see the difference at the top     between matte oil gilding and shiny burnished water gilding)

Copy of Sassetta’s “Virgin with Child and Four Saints”  (reversed and cropped).  circa 1435.

  1        2       3       4        5        6       7       8            9


On occasion, I will teach a workshop about these Historical Egg Tempera & Gilding Techniques where students will make a small painting of their own.  Experiencing and knowing these foundational painting techniques and processes can help any artist with whatever medium they work in.

If you are interested, e-mail me and I will put you on the e-mail list to get the flyer for upcoming workshops.  Thank you!